Turbomolecular Pump Services

UHV Tech Services Inc. has been repairing and rebuilding Leybold turbomolecular pumps since 1995. We are experts when it comes to repairing pumps, and we have one of the most extensive inventories of spare parts! We most likely have those hard-to-find housings and configurations in stock. Contact UHV Tech Services today. We make sure to go above and beyond to make certain that our customers get the very highest level of service possible.

Services We Offer:

We’re a full-service one-stop shop for Leybold turbomolecular pumps. We offer troubleshooting via phone or email. We also provide field vibration analysis to determine what condition the pump is in. We have a large inventory of rebuilt pumps that are available for immediate shipping. 

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Turbomolecular Pump Repair Process


Customers submit a DOC (Declaration of Contamination) and will be provided an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) form. 


We will confirm pricing as soon as we receive the pump and verify that it’s a standard rebuild. The evaluation fee of $100 is waived if a repair is approved.


The pump will be cleaned and rebuilt using a standard repair kit. It will be balanced to factory vibration levels and run on test overnight.

Leak Check

All pumps will be placed under vacuum and leak tested using a helium mass spectrometer. This process will ensure optimal pump performance.

Standard Repair Prices:

TMP 1500 $4,500.00
TMP 1100 $3,950.00
TMP 1000C $3,950.00
TMP 600C $3,950.00
TMP 361C / TMP 361 $1,950.00
TMP 360C / TMP 360 $1,950.00
TMP 151C / TMP 151 $1,950.00
TMP 35LS $2,100.00