Vacuum Gauge Repair Experts

Here at UHV Tech Services Inc. we are considered to be the experts when it comes to repairing Leybold vacuum gauges both new and old. Many of the older Inficon and Leybold gauges have become obsolete and are not supported by Leybold or Inficon. We have stocked up on parts for these older gauges and are able to keep them running when replacing them with a new gauge is not an option.

Services We Offer:

Older sensors and gauges are cleaned and rebuilt to component level on the electronics, If the design of the sensor doesn’t allow cleaning (many newer gauges) we will replace sensors with new OEM parts.

Gauges are serviced in-house only.

Vacuum Gauge Repair Process


We will evaluate the gauge first by installing it on our gauge calibration pump-down stand.


Test sensor is installed if the sensor is bad – And we’ll quote the cost of rebuilding or replacing the sensor.


Once our quote is approved we will perform all necessary repairs and install it on the gauge calibration test stand. 


Gauges are pumped down to -7 range & readings monitored. Gauges also tested for top performance.

Price List:

ITR90 BPG400                   $700.00
ITR100 $700.00
PKR251 $450.00
PTR225 $450.00


IE10                      $150.00
IM110D $275.00
PR26 $450.00
PR35 $450.00
CM31 $450.00