Calibrated Leak Standards

We offer a wide variety of new and used helium calibrated leak standards. Calibrated leaks can come in a variety of makes, models, and leak rates. They can be customized with different fittings such as KF, Swagelok, or conflat to work with any brand leak detector.

We are accredited

All calibrated leak standards are sold with an accredited NIST traceable calibration certificate. We have an accredited calibration lab in-house that can monitor your leak and ensure your equipment is reading accurately. We also have a knowledgeable staff that will ensure you are getting the correct product for your leak detector.


Prices vary depending on make, model, and leak rate. Contact us for more information. 


We track each calibrated leak standard’s leak rate and recommend sending the leak back to our lab annually for calibration to ensure the leak is depleting at the correct rate.

XL300/L300i TL7 Removal Procedure