Frequency Converter Repairs

Our team is comprised of factory trained technicians that expertly service our frequency converters. Repairs are done in-house, we stock converters and cables that are ready to ship so customers have less wait time if their converter cannot be repaired.

Services We Offer:

Start Repair Process
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Frequency Converter Repair Process


As soon as the frequency converter is received it is evaluated.


Once we have a purchase order our  technicians will repair it within 7 days. 


Once the repair process is complete we test for optimal performance.


We deliver outstanding engineering support and customer service.

Tests Performed

  • Every repair is tested with both turbo and cable.
  • Frequency converters are first calibrated and then tested using a stacked working pump.


  • We are prepared to ship replacement new or refurbished converters if your frequency converter cannot be repaired.
  • We have several models that are available for purchase and immediate delivery.

Price List:

Frequency Converter   Repair Price
TD 20 Please Call
NT 10 Please Call
NT 12 Please Call
NT 20 $475.00
NT 50 $500.00
NT 150 / 360           $400.00
NT151 / 361 $400.00
NT 340M $550.00
NT 450 $1000.00
NT 1000 / 1500 $600.00
NT 1500                            $1000.00