Leybold Turbo Drive TD20 Classic

For operating the TURBOVAC 151(C), 361(C), 600C, 1000C and 1100C turbomolecular pump.

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Ordering information:
Frequency converter Turbo.Drive TD20
with 9-way PLC interface PN 800075V0001
with additional RS 232 interface PN 800075V0002
with additional Profibus interface PN 800075V0003
with additional RS 485 interface PN 800075V0004
with additional 25-way PLC interface PN 800075V0005
with additional DeviceNet interface PN 800075V0006
with additional Ethernet/IP interface PN 800075V0007
with 9-way PLC interface and adapter for
pump connection with DIN plug
in case of replacement of NT 151/361 or NT 361 PN 800075V0008

Connection line to the TURBOVAC
3 m long (PN 85765)
5 m long (PN 85766)
10 m long (PN 85767)
20 m long (PN 85768)

Leybold TD 20 Classic Manual

Technical Data TD 20 Classic
Mains connection 100 to 240 V
Max. power consumption 500 W
Max. output voltage 3 x 47 V
Max. output current 5 A
Interface Without, RS 232C, RS 485 C, Profibus or 25-way terminal strip
Protection rating IP 20
Admissible ambient temperature 0 to 45 °C (32 to 113 °F)
Dimensions 213 x 128 x 315 mm (8.39 x 5.04 x 12.40 in)
Weight 4.0 kg (8.8 lbs)