The new KJLC RV224 is the perfect complement for any modular leak detector or converting any leak detector to an external pump.

Price: $2,300

Services Offered:

  • Sale of New Product



  • Exceptional ultimate pressure and pumping speed
  • Anti-suckback mechanism prevents oil from backflowing in an event of accidental shutdown, power failure, etc.
  • Quiet operation for laboratory applications
  • Pressurized oil circuit assures constant lubrication regardless of the inlet pressure
  • Gas ballast valve helps reduce the amount of condensibles that form in the pump, extending its service life
  • Modular internal design simplifies servicing the pump
  • CE marked


  • Research and development
  • Backing for boosters, diffusion and turbo pumps
  • Freeze drying
  • Vacuum coating
  • Gas handling
  • Vacuum drying / degassing
  • HVAC servicing and manufacturing
  • Leak detection


KJLC-RV224 Technical Data