Pfeiffer SmartTest HLT 550/560/570

The Pfeiffer SmartTest HLT 560 are microprocessor-controller leak detecting instruments. All the processes in the instrument are controlled automatically.

Services Offered:

  • Repair Service
  • Calibration


The SmartTest Helium Leak Detectors serve for measurement and localization of small and very small leaks both on components and modules and on fittings and systems. They are suitable both for under pressure leak testing (vacuum method with or without partial current operation) and for overpressure leak testing (sniffing method)


  • Smallest Detectable Leak rate (vacuum) <5·10-12 mbar l/s
  • Smallest Detectable Leak rate (Sniffer) < 5·10-8 mbar l/s
  • Detectable Gases 4He, 3He, H2


The SmartTest Helium Leak Detectors are designed specially for industrial applications and are used:

  • For quality control in manufacturing processes
  • For quality control of production plants
  • As a maintenance  unit


  • Remote control RC 500 (wired or wireless)
  • External test leak
  • Sniffer Probe


Pfeiffer HLT-550-HLT-560-HLT-570 operation Manual


Technical Data

HLT 550-570