Inficon UL1000 & UL1000 Fab

The Inficon UL1000 and UL1000 Fab is a mobile helium leak detector designed for use in industrial leak detection applications and can detect leaks as small as 5×10-12 mbar l/s.

Services Offered:

  • Rental – $700/week
  • Repair Service
  • Calibration


The Inficon UL1000 Mobile Helium Leak Detector is designed to meet the most demanding industrial leak detection applications. Providing fast, accurate and repeatable test results, testing flexibility, and high sensitivity in a low maintenance design, the UL1000 is ready to tackle the toughest leak detection jobs industry can offer. The UL1000 Fab specifically designed to meet the requirements of semiconductor applications and clean room environments.


  • Wide measurement range over 15 decades
  • Short pumpdown and response time
  • Large Wet or Dry internal pump
  • Mobile all-metal housing


  • Hermetically-sealed electronic devices, integrated circuits,
  • Liquid crystal displays, quartz displays, flat panel displays, fiber optics
  • Packaging for medical, pharmaceutical and food products, and barrels
  • Flow controllers, flow transmitters, pressure sensors and switches, valves
  • Light bulbs, transformers, high voltage relays, circuit breakers
  • Cryogenic components, lines, systems
  • Automotive components
  • Clean room application (Fab)
  • Semiconductor (Fab)


  • Remote Control (wired or wireless)
  • External test leak
  • Sniffer Probe


Inficon UL1000 Manual

Inficon UL1000 Brochure & Technical Data