Matheson Model 8067 Gas Leak Detector

The Matheson Model 8067 is a universal gas leak detector
specially designed to locate and measure a wide variety of gas
leaks. It sees widespread use throughout industrial, laboratory, medical and research applications.

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  • Can detect Hydrogen, Helium, Argon, and other various gases.
  • 1.0 E-5 cc/sec sensitivity for helium.
  • Handheld and easily portable.
  • Can display detected reading in a variety of units including ppm, cc/s, mg/m3 and g/yr.


  • Oil and Gas Industry
  • Manufacturing
  • Semiconductor


Model 8067 Brochure

Model 8067 Manual

Technical Data:

Technical Data Matheson Model 8067
Operating temperature 0 to 50 °C
Storage temperature -25 to 70 °C
Materials of construction for Phoenix
Materials of construction for storage case Polyurethane
Battery requirements 4 AA Batteries (MN1500)
Typical battery lifetime 40 hours (with backlight switched off)
Dimensions 385 x 60 x 50 mm
Detection Principle Thermal conductivity
Shipping Weight 7 lbs

Smallest detectable leak level:

Name Abbreviation cc/sec
Hydrogen H2 7.7 E-6
Helium He 1.0 E-5
Refrigerant R12 R12 2.7 E-5
Refrigerant R1301 R1301 2.4 E-5
Refrigerant R134a R134a 5.8 E-5
Refrigerant R22 R22 2.6 E-5
Refrigerant R11 R11 3.2 E-5
Sulphur Hexafluoride SF6 2.2 E-5
Carbon Dioxide CO2 4.0 E-5
Methane CH4 2.9 E-5
Argon Ar 3.5 E-5
Oxygen O2 2.9 E-5
Refrigerant R502 R502 3.0 E-5
Refrigerant R404a R404a 3.2 E-5
Refrigerant R407c R407c 3.3 E-5
Refrigerant R410a R410a 3.2 E-5
Refrigerant R507 R507 3.8 E-5