Leybold Phoenix Magno

The Leybold Phoenix Magno is a next generation, compact, internal vane pump helium leak detector. It is very user-friendly and easily activated. The leak detector has a new design and intelligent connections. The Magno has a more robust internal vane pump to give the unit more pumping speed and faster cleanup.

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The Phoenix Magno is the largest of the new Phoenix line by Leybold in both size and power. The Phoenix Magno is made up of  an upper housing that contains the leak detector and a lower compartment that houses the roughing pump. The roughing pump can be either a wet or dry pump depending on the customers needs and application.


  • Has a larger internal roughing pump for quicker evacuation time on equipment
  • Smallest Detectable leak rate 5 x 10-12 mbar-l/s for wet or dry version
  • Can be moved on a cart or used in a fixed location.
  • Perfectly suited for larger test volumes
  • Large touch screen display


  • UHV components and systems
  • Particle accelerators
  • Space simulation


  • Remote control (wired or wireless)
  • External test leak
  • Heavy duty cart
  • Sniffer Probe
  • IO interface


Phoenix Magno Manual

Phoenix Magno Brochure

Technical Data:

Phoenix Magno Technical Data