Inficon Modul 1000

The Inficon Modul 1000 is a helium leak detector that is designed for integration into industrial leak testing systems and can detect leaks as small as 5×10-12 mbar l/s. This unit offers a high pumping speed and quick recovery when coupled with a large backing pump.

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The Inficon Modul1000 is a plug-and-play helium leak detector for universal integration into industrial leak testing systems (vacuum or sniffer mode). With flexible vacuum architecture, the Modul1000 provides the adaptability to accommodate changes in production specifications. It uses an external vacuum pump which can be either a dry scroll pump or a wide variety of wet pumps.


  • Compact design for easy integration in bench-top or rack systems
  • Flexible control via optional display unit, remote control, PLC or PC
  • Support any size foreline pump


  • Evaporators, condensers, compressors
  • Mass production testing
  • Brake lines, fuel lines
  • Hydraulic components
  • Engines
  • Valves


  • Table-top display
  • External test leak
  • Sniffer Probe
  • Remote


Inficon Modul1000 Manual

Inficon Modul1000 Brochure

Technical Data

Inficon Modul1000 Technical Data